11 July 2005

sorry but i'm gonna gloat a bit...

you may have to watch a short ad to read this, but do it.


yay!!! dubya sed he'd fire the person responsible for leaking the name of valerie plame, and it looks like he has to lay the axe to turd blossom himself. yes, kids, that's right... our dear leader has to fire his bestest shitstirrer, oops, i mean *friend*, karl rove.

he better fucking do it, too.

i think we may be witnessing the beginning of the end of the republican party's stranglehold on politics.

it was all just a lie, you know? the war, why we got ourselves into this clusterfuck, it was all a lie. a very expensive lie that's cost this country dearly, both in lives and our economic stability. AND, our dear leader and some of his best friends have profited enormously because of this disastrous war.

i have faith enough in the american public that they will revolt against this tyranny. i love my country. i love it enough to call it on its bullshit for its own good. haven't you ever gotten a swift kick to the head (not literally of course.) that woke you up and pointed you in the right direction?

george bush whined last fall about what hard work it is to be the president. when i heard that fall out of his mouth for the first time, i wished he'd choked on that fucking pretzel.

hard is going to be cleaning up the mess he's made after he's gone.

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FreeThinker said...

Of course, when he said he'd fire the person responsible for leaking the name of Ms. Plame, that was a lie too ...