19 July 2005

it ain't the humidity, it's the heat

k... i was reading one of my usual blogs this morning, http://lifeinthesuburbs.blogspot.com/, and lemme tell you, all you peeps back east and down south... sure humidity's a bitch (we've had relative humidity %'s of near 70% lately, which might not sound like much to you, but it's about 3x the norm for candyass california), but i wish to fucking god that y'all would get over the idea that *dry* heat is any better.

if you don't believe me, try going to phoenix sometime... do a little running or bicycling around town. during the daytime. and then tell me if 120° temps and 10% relative humidity are a pleasant combination.

having experienced weather that dry, i know they're not. i know my skin and hair have all the life sucked out of them, to the point where my (short!) hair looks fried and my skin itches from the constant salt crust and eventually it cracks and bleeds. i get nosebleeds from the lack of moisture in the air. AND... you try drinking 2+ gallons of fluids day after day so you don't get dehydrated JUST FROM BREATHING.

i'm sure the bored housewife in utah knows of which i speak. it sucks all conceivable ass to walk out the front door of your house, walk the 30 feet to your car and have your lungs scorched and screaming by the time you get there.

yes, i know humidity sucks. i know all about the frizzy hair. hell, when it's humid my hair not only gets frizzy it gets flat too! i know all about the layer of ooze on your skin that will not go away. i also know taking a cool shower only works for about 5 minutes after it's over, and then you're right back where you started. i know i know i know!

but i will not be held accountable the next time i hear someone say that dry heat is preferable to wet, especially when they live in a part of the country that never experiences the other extreme.


Anonymous said...

That's what air conditioning and indoor jobs are for. I'll take the hellish heat and awesome winters over humidity and shitty winters any day.

jOoLz said...

lol... i love it when "anonymous" decides to leave a comment.

#1. i live in california. we're FLEXING OUR POWER today. go to http://flexyourpower.com for more info.

#2. i don't have air conditioning in this house besides. i think it's for pussies, and electricity is too expensive out here as it is.

#3. el niƱo. snow isn't the only kind of shitty winter weather tyvm. we had flooding and shit here, and you know damn well ppl here in candyass california don't know how to drive in that shit!

you're right about one thing tho... it's hellish here right now. 92 and cloudy. heat index is prolly in the neighborhood of 100.

told y'all i know about heat and humidity!