22 July 2005


k... i'm sure i've mentioned this before, but i'm an atheist.

as of today, tho, i believe in hell. it's the whole united states. yes, i know coastal northern california, oregon and washington as well as a decent-sized chunk of new england are not sweltering.

i don't know what the fuck the rest of us did to piss of the weather god tho. look at that fucking map!!!

i wish i had one for the lo temps too. cuz i bet none of them are any too low right now.

i wish a week or so in eureka were possible at the moment. the high temp there today was 64. plus, there's lots of good microbrew and herbal refreshments in the area.



KnifeSkills said...

We've had a cool, rainy summer so far here in Vancouver. The temperature outside is nice, but I've had to work in a 90 degree hot kitchen all day. Keep drinking water! (And those microbrews too!)

Last Christmas when hubby and I drove from Vancouver to San Francisco, we stayed one night in Eureka. Nice seaside town.

Stay cool!

the girl next door said...

amen sistah !

we are supposed to have a break in the heat though ... much needed rain maybe tomorrow is supposed to put us back in the low 80's for the rest of the week. i am optimistic yet hesitant to start the cheering just yet. it's still nasty here today.

atoep said...

Interesting writing. I like your blog.

W. I. Boucher said...

The weather makes me glad I am nocturnal. we had a heat index of 115f yesterday. I feel you're pain.

Mashy said...

I am loving every moment of this Californian weather. Reminds me of home and 'winter' I am skipping.