23 November 2005

happy thxgiving kids!

i know i shouldn't be so thankful when our president makes an ass of himself. it's #19 on my list of things to be thankful for though.

have a good one everyone and remember... if you're going to mow on the turkey, designate a driver!

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17 November 2005

i'm the undisputed queen of chicken stock, yo!

yes kids, you know it's that time of year when i break out the biggest stock pot i have and, well... make the whole house reek of thanksgiving. i'm sure the recipe is somewhere on my blog, but i'll post it again:

4 lb chicken backs, wings, or other parts that are as bony as they are meaty
3 med onions, quartered
4 ribs celery, roughly chopped
4 carrots, roughly chopped
4-5 intact garlic cloves
10 sprigs fresh thyme
good handful italian parsley
2 bay leaves
10-20 whole peppercorns

put all ingredients in the largest pot you have and cover to 1" deep with COLD water. cover pot and place over medium heat just until bubbles break the surface. remove lid and lower heat to low. you don't want it to ever cook any harder than bubbles breaking the surface. cook 8 hrs and remove the chunks with a spider or other straining utensil and then pour through the finest strainer you have into a very large bowl. it will remove the herby bits and whatever scuzz might still be lingering in the stock. place bowl containing stock into an ice bath and cool until the stock begins to take on a jello-like consistency.

using a ladle, fill large ziploc bags with the stock and freeze till needed.

tomorrow... tips on making the best pumpkin pie ever!

i just saw the word boob used as a verb

as in... *ms. x just administered a drive-by boobing of seƱor y*


anyhoo... busy day today... makin a grip of chicken stock for next thursday. the house just reeks of thanksgiving.

heard from someone for the first time today, thru a comment i left on someone else's blog. there's a new comment down at the entry about the ichthys n'chips car plaque? i should just go ahead and post the url for it while i'm thinkin about it. click the title of this post to visit the site that's sellin em.

i'll post more later. some tips for quality entertaining and menu suggestions for the big meal!

04 November 2005

my first...

one year ago today, i gave and received one of these. yes kids, it's our first anniversary. the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper... o yes, kids, my favorite kind of gift! the kind that folds! i will, upon request, provide an address for you to send any lovely, foldable gifts. :)

anyhoo... getting married was without a doubt the smartest thing i ever did. wen'l has been the absolute best husband. he rubs my feet whenever i ask, he doesn't give me shit about my continued unemployment... i could go on for days.

i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart mr. sexson. thank you for accepting my proposal, thank you for marrying me that windy november day, thank you for cooking your great big heart out 2 days later so our friends and family could join in our celebration.

thank you most of all for your patience and understanding. you're the best husband a girl could ever hope for. happy anniversary baby.

*smooches and hugs and wotnot*