28 September 2008

yet another food meme

Got this from Eden, aka Piggyhawk :).

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Italicize any items that you would never consider eating.
4) Optional extra: Post a comment here or at http://whitetrashbbq.blogspot.com linking to your results.

1. Tomato Soup Cake (?)
2. Turducken
3. Chicken Feet
4. Sauerbraten
5. Limburger Cheese
6. Asian Pears
7. Ham Hocks
8. Ghee
9. Corn Bread
10. Buffalo Mozzarella (mmm... mozzarella di bufala)
11. Florida Stone Crabs
12. Som Tum
13. Oxtails
14. Sundried Tomatoes
15. Beef Jerky
16. Tongue
17. Calves Liver
18. Shoofly pie
19. Pulled Pork
20. Sour Cream Chocolate Frosting
21. Bison
22. Persimmons
23. Monkfish (ahh... the poor man's lobster)
24. Hoja Santa Cheese
25. Whoopee pie
26. Peking Duck
27. Sopa de Ajo - Castilian Garlic Soup
28. Pistolettes
29. Naan
30. Country Ham
31. Jambalaya
32. Anchovies
33. Black and White Cookies
34. Chives
35. Potato Pancakes
36. Boudain
37. Macoun Apples
38. Brooklyn Pizza
39. Star Fruit
40. Dosa
41. Lutefisk
42. Rhubarb
43. Scrapple
44. Huitlacoche
45. Cherry Pierogi
46. Kumquats
47. Ambrosia Salad
48. Taylor Ham
49. Sardines
50. Capers
51. Dungeness Crabs (the best crab of all, I think)
52. Grape Leaves
53. Pepper Jelly
54. Hanger Steak
55. A just picked vine ripened tomato still hot from the sun (one of my favorite things to eat is a sandwich made with one... some mayo, basil, really good white bread.... mmm!)
56. Stuffed Quahogs
57. Smoked Eggs
58. Chicken Kiev
59. Bigos
60. Andouille
61. Shropshire Blue Cheese
62. Real Moonshine
63. Yuca
64. Chicken Katsu
65. Clams on the half shell
66. Scallion Pancakes
67. Tamales
68. Maine Lobster (not my favorite though)
69. Picadillo
70. Romesco Sauce
71. Sour Cherries
72. Paella
73. Gulf Shrimp
74. Empanadas
75. Fluff
76. Ostrich
77. Wild Blueberries
78. Skate
79. Black-eyed Peas
80. Hatch Chile Peppers
81. Morels
82. Water Chestnuts
83. Massaman Curry
84. Goose
85. Jamon Serrano
86. Knish
87. Quail Eggs
88. Gyoza
89. Conch
90. Rutabaga
91. Turtle
92. Salsify
93. Hummus
94. Ceviche
95. Barbecue Baby Back Ribs
96. Parmigiano-Reggiano
97. Pine Nuts
98. Basmati Rice
99. Pickled Herring
100. Kohlrabi

i'm a little late to the party..

but i just discovered i kinda dig that tv show "heroes".

i think being forced to watch like 7 episodes this weekend is what's responsible.

i feel like an utter dork.

anyhoo, in other news, i've been a bit under the weather lately. something called *bacterial parotitis*. the parotid glands are the largest of the three sets of salivary glands. i went to the doc wednesday, and she thought it was either 1. an infection, and she wrote me a prescription for augmentin, the biggest horse pill you've ever seen; 2. a (most likely) benign tumor. well, i've since discovered it must be the first option because i don't think a tumor would be responding to antibiotics, and this thing in my neck has dramatically reduced in size since i started on the bug juice.

i'm going to make another appointment to see her towards the end of this week so she can see how things are going, etc.

as you may know, i am w/o health insurance, and i think i may have just dodged a bullet.