27 January 2006

a recipe for laine

k, the other night i made what i called chicken marsala ravioli for dinner. to perfectly recreate the meal i made, one would need to be a member of costco. i got the ravioli already made. grilled chicken and mozzarella (the fresh kind even). however, any sort of fresh chicken-filled ravioli or tortelloni would work.

what i did was create the sauce.

i put a gallon of water on to boil. while it was getting hot, i assembled the sauce:

i sauteed a pound of sliced button mushrooms (i'd have gotten at least half criminis cept they looked like shit that day @ the supermercado) in 2 T of butter and 1 T of olive oil in the biggest pan i have. it's 14", and remember, i'm one of those ├╝bersnobs who normally cooks with extra-virgin. i'm with mario batali on that one. i didn't salt and pepper them till they were almost done. you're looking for good, even caramelization before anything else goes in. i also minced up 4 cloves of garlic and added it with the s&p.

when the water boils, add 2-3 T of salt to the water and cook your pasta according to pkg. directions.

i used a big slotted gizmo to remove them from the pan, and poured in ½ cup of marsala. i used sweet, but dry would work too. i scraped up anything that might have stuck and over med-hi heat, reduced it to a thick syrup. then i added about 1 cup of chicken stock. out of a box. *lol* let that reduce by about half. then add a pint of cream. stir frequently over med-hi heat till the sauce reduces enough to coat the back of a spoon.

add the now-cooked pasta to the sauce, and lower heat. allow to cook over your lowest low heat about 5 mins.

i served it with some blanched haricots verts that i tossed in a couple tablespoons of unsalted parma butter.

it was a most excellent meal.

i'm gonna do a roasted and glazed pork tenderloin, roasted asparagus and risotto for dinner tonite.

i'll post that stuff too.

25 January 2006

you must check this out!

the 50 most loathsome people of 2005.click the title of this post for the url.

i found a link to this @ http://heyjennyslater.blogspot.com.

my husband wondered how it got narrowed to 50. that i don't know... what i do know is all 50 of those mofos belong on the list.

yes i know...

it's feast or famine with me, ain't it?

i'm cooking tonight. something i think is going to turn out just delicious. i got some ravioli stuffed with grilled chicken and cheese and various herbs and i'm making a marsala sauce with mushrooms and wot not. gonna serve it with some sauteed haricots verts in a shallot/sauvignon blanc reduction.

yes, i know... dinner will get me drunk.

i'll post the recipes when i know for sure dinner was a success.

learn to swim!

you know... all one would need to do to stay in shape is try to play "├Žnima" by tool on drums once a day.

some say a comet will fall from the sky
followed by meteor showers and tidal waves
followed by fault lines that cannot sit still
followed by millions of dumbfounded dipshits
and some say the end is near
some say we'll see armageddon soon
i certainly hope they will
i sure could use a vacation

cuz all i'd think about is how some people in this country, no in this fucking world, feel the need to ram their religion down my throat. down anyone's throat. i have but one thing to say to people like that. anyone who feels the need to hold himself up as a paragon of his particular mythology probably isn't such a good example of it.

and those fucking biblethumping wingnut christians in this country? the man they purport to worship was a communist. probably one of the purest examples of communism ever. how they've allowed themselves to get so wound up about gay marriage and abortion i'll never know. i don't think those would have been huge concerns of his in a world where people still starve and fall ill, and die in vain for the financial bottom line of the obscenely rich.

am i wrong about WWJD?

01 January 2006


i am the world's worst blogger. i will have something new for y'all shortly.

hope everyone had a lovely late december. i'm still so pissed at all those fox news types that i can't even say *holidays* anymore.

more soon i promise!