25 January 2006

you must check this out!

the 50 most loathsome people of 2005.click the title of this post for the url.

i found a link to this @ http://heyjennyslater.blogspot.com.

my husband wondered how it got narrowed to 50. that i don't know... what i do know is all 50 of those mofos belong on the list.


laine said...


nice to see ya around!

not in the mood for loathsome today, but will be waiting for the results of your dinner.

got a crock pot bbq pit for christmas. i fucking love it. i'm telling ya...

laine said...

so, i went to check out loathsome and have to admit my ignorance, but hardly know any of the names listed there. and after reading about some of them i'm glad i don't. i guess that puts me at #4 on the list.

so what about dinner?