27 January 2006

a recipe for laine

k, the other night i made what i called chicken marsala ravioli for dinner. to perfectly recreate the meal i made, one would need to be a member of costco. i got the ravioli already made. grilled chicken and mozzarella (the fresh kind even). however, any sort of fresh chicken-filled ravioli or tortelloni would work.

what i did was create the sauce.

i put a gallon of water on to boil. while it was getting hot, i assembled the sauce:

i sauteed a pound of sliced button mushrooms (i'd have gotten at least half criminis cept they looked like shit that day @ the supermercado) in 2 T of butter and 1 T of olive oil in the biggest pan i have. it's 14", and remember, i'm one of those ├╝bersnobs who normally cooks with extra-virgin. i'm with mario batali on that one. i didn't salt and pepper them till they were almost done. you're looking for good, even caramelization before anything else goes in. i also minced up 4 cloves of garlic and added it with the s&p.

when the water boils, add 2-3 T of salt to the water and cook your pasta according to pkg. directions.

i used a big slotted gizmo to remove them from the pan, and poured in ½ cup of marsala. i used sweet, but dry would work too. i scraped up anything that might have stuck and over med-hi heat, reduced it to a thick syrup. then i added about 1 cup of chicken stock. out of a box. *lol* let that reduce by about half. then add a pint of cream. stir frequently over med-hi heat till the sauce reduces enough to coat the back of a spoon.

add the now-cooked pasta to the sauce, and lower heat. allow to cook over your lowest low heat about 5 mins.

i served it with some blanched haricots verts that i tossed in a couple tablespoons of unsalted parma butter.

it was a most excellent meal.

i'm gonna do a roasted and glazed pork tenderloin, roasted asparagus and risotto for dinner tonite.

i'll post that stuff too.


laine said...

thanks babe.

i'm printing....

tetricus said...

Hmmm I wish i had time to cook. Sounds good!