11 December 2009

*tap tap*

is this thing still on?

so it's a dreary, cloudy, wishitwouldfuckingrainalready kind of day. that means i'm listening to primarily british music, typically sung by tenors with a penchant for falsetto. i think listening to music like this is actually the reason i don't lose my shit on days like this.

see, i'm one of those dipshits that doesn't do well without lots of sunlight. it's totally genetic btw. anyhow, today is not the natural state of things here in california. here, even when it's "cold" (and before ya get all in a snit, i've felt wind chills in the 20's right here in greater los angeles) it's usually sunny. we get a lot more sunlight here than most people. konagod said austin gets all "seattley" in the winter. i've been in seattle in the winter. it's just like it is here today.

ahh. an american. but one with an amazing voice. cee-lo green. and fuckit. i'm going to listen to this whole album. "st. elsewhere" . if you don't have it you should be ashamed of yourself. too many people made out like "crazy" was all this band had to say. and granted, that song is perfection.. but it's not even my favorite song on the record.

you see, everybody is somebody
but nobody wants to be themselves
and if i ever wanted to understand me
i have to talk to someone else

anyhoo, i have some shit i need to get done while we're getting a break from the rain, so i'm out.