14 July 2005

my apologies

i haven't been posting like i should in months... i mean hell, till i actually publish this entry, my birthday is still in my "recent posts" slot over there =>. my birthday was the middle of april.

anyhoo... i promise to be better about it in the future. i was telling my buddy http://kimberrynextdoor.blogspot.com that she should post every day... it gives her someplace to collect her thoughts if nothing else. sometimes things are easier to deal with if you can write/post/whatever. and the feedback is really helpful sometimes. yes, i know what's going on in her life that she's posting about, but strangers have happened upon her blog too, and some have left some really thoughtful comments.

also, i should probably stop posting about food so exclusively. it's like i'm forgetting how to write.

anyhoo... more later! (don't hold yer breath tho!)

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