14 March 2005

xylophones and sunshine and coffee

so i'm sitting here on a sunny monday morning, drinking my coffee out of my innocent bystander mug(http://ournameismud.com/product.cfm?ProductID=385), listening to "gone daddy gone" by the violent femmes. i was just reading a blog i've become addicted to the last couple days. i found it by checking out the comments on bryan's blog. (you remember bryan, don't you? he's the guy i posted a pork tenderloin recipe for? i digress... it's not often i go back and read a person's entire output, but i couldn't really help myself. if you go have a look, you'll soon find out why. click on the title of this post. i double dog dare you.

anyhoo, i'm usually back in bed by now. i get wen'l off to work in the mornings and almost always go back to bed for a few hours when he leaves. for some reason, though, i decided not to this morning... so i could blog! i've never blogged in the morning. i've decided i'm going to do something every day this week that i've never done before. i know, a.m. blogging isn't really adventurous, but i'm going to more than make up for it tomorrow. :p

ok... so it's sunny this morning. the sun hasn't been out in the morning for weeks. we've been having june gloom in march, and the sun hasn't been making its appearances till at least noon. but it's sunny (if a little hazy) this morning, and i'm feeling the need to wake and bake and wax poetic about buckwheat honey. either that or let "seven nation army" do its thing and force me to re-read some of as the crow flies. :)

fuck i ramble in the morning!

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laine said...

morning rambles can be great, go see madame x for morning rambles


(hope you can cut and paste that...)
i double dog dare you ;-)

the crow