11 March 2005

oh my

i am such an old married lady sometimes. tonight was just that sort of occasion. i messed up my back earlier, so cooking (along with certain other activities) was out of the question. we went to this dumpy coffee shop with surprisingly good food called mae's in garbage grove.

i always have the same thing at this place, the chicken fried steak and eggs, over medium. yes, i know. it's very, umm... unhealthy (not to mention slightly white trash), but sometimes ya just gotta indulge your love of saturated fat. this one waitress (who snoozed and lost tonight, and it's a shame, cuz we tip good) is a veritable laff riot. she knows what i have. i don't even have to order. one of these days i'm going to order something else and totally blow her mind.

i was home slightly after 8 pm. we watched "real time with bill maher", which was getting tivo'd. tivo roolz btw. i highly recommend it. and i don't mean these other dvr's that are tivo-esque. the original is still the best. plus, it's only $5/mo from directv. it totally revolutionized my viewing habits. sure "deadwood" is on at 6 on sundays, but hell, i'm always cookin still. so everything starts like half an hour later.

it rocks.

but it doesn't rock half as hard as rei. you know, recreational equipment, inc. my husband and i did a little window shopping @ rei.com about a week ago and we ordered a lovely hemp shirt for him to wear to a wedding we're going to the end of april. it's going to be an outdoors, casual but nice sort of affair, and it's gonna be warm where we're going. click on the title to see it. it's made out of hemp *snort* and recycled soda bottles. how fucking crunchy granola is that? lol

besides, it's gonna look smart with the linen pants we picked up from llbean.com. yes, i'm a shopaholic, but i do it smart. i signed up for emails with the places i do the most shopping and i take advantage of them. i am all over free shipping. and, the shopping i do in person is usually at one of those discount places like ross or marshalls. i got a le creuset dutch oven there for $75 bux there that normally goes for $150. the enamel job on the outside is defective (according to the mfg, anyway). it's blue and the job was not even. i think it looks cool, however, and the inside (where the real action is anyway) is perfect.

see? i AM a fucking housewife! i know i'm sposed to be all liberated and such, but meeting my husband really brought out my inner girl. i like taking care of him, makin a nice home for him n such. cooking, which i've found i have a real talent for, being the best part. i think i need to work up the balls to bake a loaf of bread. i have a mixer with a dough hook but i think i want to knead it by hand. at least the first time anyway, so i know what it feels like. not kneading, the lump being kneaded.

ok.. enough of that. i think i need to put this edition to bed and go hug my husband.


bryan said...

I used to be a shopaholic, then I went to college.

Have you had trouble publishing to your blog? Apparently not because you've been publishing. I can't hardly get into my account, and when I do I'm not able to publish. When I click the Publish button it goes to that stupid "This page cannot be displayed" screen. The Blogger site says they're having difficulties, but it doesn't seem everyone is.

bryan said...

Blogger was pissing me off the past few days. It wasn't working properly.

I was a shopaholic once when I had money. Then college happened and I was catapulted into a quagmire of debt. Maybe I can live my shopping dream vicariously through you. My favorite stores to shop at are Target, Best Buy, Borders, vintage stores, used bookstores, Bath n Body Works, and of course, I have to hit Starbucks somewhere along the way.

jOoLz said...

you're right about blogger being farked lately. i haven't had any problems publishing my own blog, but posting comments to anyone else's has been impossible lately. "cannot find blog" or some shit is the spiel i'm getting.

as far as living vicariously through me in re shopping, well... i love tarjjjjjjjjjjjjay. and i'm using the black raspberry-vanilla body wash from bath n body works these days. haven't been to starbucks in entirely too long. actually, it's a grind owes me the free beverage of my choice.

too bad i can't get chantico out of my head! :)