14 March 2005

so i'm working on mt. marlboro here...

this morning, courtesy of yahoo! messenger:

wen'l: you didn't wax poetic about buckwheat honey :p
fuctincalifornia: o but i'm going to when i blog about that swine the other nite
fuctincalifornia: *hug*
wen'l: k
wen'l: next time we grill I want some of that mesquite charcoal from el supermercado mex
fuctincalifornia: ok
wen'l: do we wanna bbq some pork some upcoming weekend?
fuctincalifornia: mos def
fuctincalifornia: let's have some pulled pork

ok. i don't do the bbq. my bbq AND grilling skillz are not up to snuff. besides, i have the world's best husband. he's a total cracker, but when he's being the pit boss, you'd think he's an old black man from memphis. he makes his sauce from scratch even. when we got married, we did it on the cheap, at the old courthouse in santa ana. (click title for pic... it really is a lovely building). two days later we had a party for friends and family here at the house, and we did it up right. we did the cooking. wen'l did the bbq (pulled pork, brisket, ribs and chicken!) and i did the sides.

that was the second most wonderful day of my life. the most wonderful was inside that courthouse, when i cried my way through my vows, and felt so happy i thought i'd explode.

anyhoo... back to today's regularly scheduled post.

bryan asked me for a good pork tenderloin recipe awhile back, and i took entirely too long to fulfill his request. i was reading over some of my less-recent posts the other day... i was trying to come up with something for dinner on saturday night, and lo and behold, pork tenderloin sounded mighty tasty.

so we went to the grocery emporium and bought us one. i whipped up a marinade (see below for recipe) and after a good 4 hr soak, wen'l grilled it up. it was deeeeelicious and juicy and beyond tender. i mean a knife wasn't really required tender. it got served up with some asparagus (i know, i know... you're sick of it already) and some sauteed spinach.

so, w/o further ado, my honey-dijon marinade:

juice of 2 lemons
3 cloves garlic, minced fine
1/4 c buckwheat honey
1/4 c dijon mustard
salt and pepper

combine all ingredients and whisk to combine. place pork (or chicken... this would sooooooo rock on chicken) in a large ziploc bag. pour marinade over pork (...) and stash the bag in the fridge for at least 1 hr (but 4-8 hrs would be even better). heat grill to about 350 degrees. grill over indirect heat till the internal temperature reaches 155. allow to rest 10 mins or so before you even think about cutting it. i promise your patience will be rewarded.

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