14 March 2005

even children get older...

courtesy of anonymousgrrl and jazzy and the flying crow

i am: waking and baking.
i want: late april strawberries in the middle of march.
i have: elevated the humble pot roast to heretofore unseen heights.
i wish: i could write a cookbook and lose 50 lbs simultaneously.
i hate: that good people in ohio had to decide an election on the fear of gay people being able to get married.
i fear: far less than i used to.
i hear: "landslide" as done by billy corgan and my insides swell. the original doesn't do that.
i search: for the perfect dressed-up-yet-still-casual shirt.
i wonder: what's so funny about peace, love and understanding.
i regret: only seeing The Clash once. i cried like a baby when Joe Strummer died.
i love: snootchie bootches.
i ache: and my wonderful husband lays his bread-kneading hands upon me.
i always: say Sting made better music when he was miserable.
i am not: afraid i'll lose my limerance.
i dance: because what else is there to do when the world is running down?
i cry: even though everything's gonna be alright.
i am not always: so hung up on working the music i'm listening to into what i'm writing.
i would like: those late april strawberries with some crème fraîche and brown sugar.
i write: not nearly as well or as much as i'd like.
i lose: myself in the kitchen, in the best possible way.
i win: when i realize that winning isn't the point.
i confuse: erections with arousal.
i need: to put clean water in my bong.
i should: get to writing that &%$#@! cookbook, 50 lbs be damned.

... and i'm getting older too


laine said...

jOoLz honey, have you tried strawberry juice in your bong?

and snootchie bootches sound great, and i'm sure i'm dating myself, but WTF are they?

shit. i'm getting older too.

the flying crow

jOoLz said...

lol... i'm not really sure what snootchie bootches are exactly, as the phrase was never defined.

it was used in kevin smith's jersey films, ie, "clerks", and "dogma", et al.

a pal of mine had just sent me an email, a comic of the further adventures of bluntman and chronic, and i was soooo loving kevin smith just then. :)

jOoLz said...

and strawberry juice in my bong? sounds wild! never done it though.

scope, yes. strawberry juice, no.

i'll have to try that with those late-april berries. thx for the tip!