08 March 2005

there are two colours in my head......

today ended up being a lovely day. low 70's temps, sunny skies, slight breeze from the west. i hate to break it to everyone, but i think spring is about to sprung here in southern california...

i think i'm going to try to talk the hub into leaving the premises for dinner. i'm not really into cooking tonite. been doin a lot of it lately. sorry for not posting more.

anyhoo, he's home an hour early tonite and making a cocktail. a martini. with vodka acourse... i had a really bad drunk on gin once and can't stand the smell anymore. i told him to make me about half a martini. :)

damn i miss tanqueray and chronic...

he's agreed to dinner abroad tonight. in theory anyway. i have to come up with a suitable destination. yummy martini. bone dry.

so... it's the shore house in long beach for dinner. yay!! it's our place!

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bryan said...

You are one of my new favorite people, I swear. You always say something sweet on my blog, and it's usually precisely what I need to hear. I just want you to know I appreciate that.

Hey, if you drink at all you should try this, it's called a Lunchbox:

One part orange juice
One part Bug Light
A splash of amaretto

That's like the best drink ever. It sounds nasty as hell but it's not.