09 December 2007

sucking lessons, part deux

k, i forgot to thank the bizza for inviting me to his xmas potluck. his url is in my sidebar over there... look for *trite cliches and inevitable truisms* and check that shit out!

anyhoo... we did our usual sunday morning trip to tha LBC. breakfast @ grounds, a trip to trader joe's, and usually one additional market. sometimes bristol farms, sometimes stater bros. today it was the latter, and we picked up tonite's chow. we're having a super-slow roasted standing rib roast. also, some roasted potatoes and asparagus. should be a lovely meal.

tonite's our first colts game in lovely 1080p. wen'l tells me the lions are ahead of the cowgirls, and have the ball w/ under 6 mins remaining. also, the raiders are goin down like paris hilton on grainy video to green bay. i didn't used to give a fuck about football, but being married to a die-hard colts fan will do that to a person. mind you, i was always into sports. even played me a little ball back in the day, mostly 3 or 4, altho the coach did let me play some 1 in garbage time. that was always my favorite position. (and damn ain't YOU a perv!)

as i was sayin, i always liked sports. basketball and baseball for as long as i can remember. i think it was because there was no way in hell i'd ever play it (even if coach walsh had been the kinda dude to let a girl play). now i'm married to a perfect specimen for a quarterback... big brain, 6'4", 230, big in the shoulders and ass, and enormous hands... but the worst feet that ever lived.

he can ride the shit out of a bicycle though. not too long ago, he was doing 36 mi a DAY, back and forth to work. not lately though. my fucktard dad cleaned out the garage, including tools n wotnot that didn't belong to him. namely, the charger for wen'ls headlights. besides, he works a lot further away now, and he's taking metrolink and amtrak to get around.

bleh. i need to figure out how to cook this roast and prolly be thinking about getting it in the oven. but i'm gonna make a hot crab dip first! i'll bbl to tell you all about it!

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The Bizza said...

How bad must the Lions suck to have them blow that game against Dallas?

Wait a sec... how bad do my Bears have to suck to lose to the Lions twice this year?

Great, now I'm depressed.