08 December 2007

i could give lessons in how to suck

and before we go any further, get your mind out of the gutter!

konagod just left a comment on my blog and reminded me (HA!) that i haven't blogged in awhile. i haven't quit, i just haven't been inspired. plus, i've been busy helping my brother move in. yes, we're no longer alone (!), but this isn't as bad as i was afraid it might be.

anyhow, he came with a whole bunch of shit that had to be moved. most importantly, several knives we were lacking, a baby ball python that apparently likes me, and a GINORMOUS tv. we're talking 60" of hi-def goodness.

all of its various components are being hooked up today, at long last. the 360, the PS3, the surround sound, and the Wii (suck it bitches!). i'm listening to (1.)"suite: judy blue eyes" and smoking a bowl. i been doing housework for several hrs now and i decided i was entitled to a break.

it was then i spotted the email saying i had a comment from konagod (you know the drill... his url is in my sidebar). i've just now decided i'm going to join another blog buddy and observe the (now) 17 days for christmas. this means i'm going to post every (fucking) day till then. i don't think i've ever posted everyday. hell, i haven't posted 2 days in a row since i first got this thing i don't think.

now we're on to (2.)"take five" by the dave brubeck quartet. i think i'll hang around to do a random 10 today. who knows what i'll say in the meantime.

am i wrong for wanting to wring mike huckabee's scrawny neck? back in 1992, while campaigning for the US House of Representatives, he said that AIDS patients should be isolated. k, i'm just a housewife (with a decent education), but i knew in the 80's that you had to do a whole lot more than just be around someone who had the hiv to get AIDS.

are these whackjob handitards in the republican party going to give me no fucking choice but to move to europe? well, europe or melbourne, australia. which is only now an option (mad props to the ozzies for kicking john howard to teh curb, btw).

3. "september" by earth, wind & fire. "our hearts are ringing.. in the key that our souls are singing"
o the memories tied up with this song... hanging out in the summer before the 4th grade at the el dorado park rec center, getting taught how to dance. i have beefs galore with my parents, but one thing i'll forever be grateful to them for is allowing me to grow up where i did. it was way multi-culti and diverse even back then.

say do you remember
dancing in september
never was a cloudy day

4. "intro", by lupe fiasco

i've posted about that kid before. do yourself and go buy a copy of "food and liquor".

5. "spirits in the material world", the police. i know sting did practically all the writing for this band, but it's sooooooooo stewart copeland's band. *taking another rip* i wish i could do one thing as well as that man plays the drums. any one thing, i don't care what really.

6. "too many puppies", primus. another musical genius. the bastard child of frank zappa and dr. seuss. being a youngin and watching a 1000 young men overdose on testosterone simultaneously. their moshpit was performance art all by itself though. one thing you might not have known about me was i was at one time willing to be in a moshpit, and wore dr. martens everyday.

7. "gimme shelter", the rolling stones. i was the stones freak in a family of beatles fans. i was about 8 months old when it was first released.

8. "bury me", smashing pumpkins. o, "gish", how i loved thee. i'm gonna go fold some clothes... brb!
9. "rubber ring", the smiths... still folding!
10. "like suicide" (acoustic), soundgarden... putting away!

k... i think that's enough for the day. i'll bb tomorrow though. same bat time, same bat channel.

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The Bizza said...

A Wii, a 360, AND a PS3??? How ever will you get anything done?

Oh, and through observation of my dad, I found that Earth Wind and Fire songs are the song of choice when passing a joint so, yeah, there ya go.