19 December 2007

chili con carne, sin frijoles

i never put beans in my chili. chocolate and cinnamon, yes. beans, never. and i cook it in the oven. weird, i know. but my chili is the shiznit, and a lot of the reason why is how i cook it. i'm not going to post the recipe, but if you want it, shoot me an email at joolz.sexson@gmail.com.

still having computer problems. device driver issues, bios issues... i wish wen'l knew a lick about windows. well, he does... but not enough to figure out what the hell is going on with this damn thing.

just about done getting ready for xmas. bought a hoity-toity ham off the internet yesterday. a whole ham. for three people. the sammiches are gonna rock though.

i'm beginning to get burned out on cookies. shocking, i know. i think next year i'll be doing something else for wen'ls co-workers.

got a call from *restricted* yesterday. was in the middle of getting dinner ready, so it went to voicemail. didn't find out i had a voicemail till like 10pm. it was my dad. he didn't say anything but to give him a call, and i knew he wanted something. he never calls me unless there's a "favor" i can do for him.

wanted to be able to tell him to go f hisself, but unfortunately, i didn't win the mega millions last night. *sigh*

"I'm well on my way
I'm almost everything
And this is my day
You make me want to say
I'm freeee! Look at me!
Behold everything I'm allowed to see"

- cee-lo green

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Doug said...

Sure, joolz, I'll bite (on your beanless chili)


thanks ;)