11 December 2007

finding another way to work *suck* into one's title, well.. it sucks

k, yesterday's post sucked, AND i never came back.

started feeling a bit illish, and hit the sack early. my brother decided to share wotever icky intestinal thing he picked up, and i'm tired of counting the tiles on my bathroom floor. i think the anti-trots pills are finally kicking in though. *praisin jeebus*

i've had enough of being sick this autumn. first, i had that nasty cold from hell. you know, the one that killed like 10 people? well, it didn't kill me, but there were a few occasions when i was thinking the end was nigh. have you ever coughed so much your ribcage ached? well, that was me the week before thanksgiving. the aching ribs, the throbbing head, the green snot and i had the bad taste to pass it along to my husband.

i've had cases of the flu that kicked my ass less than that cold. took me three fucking weeks to get over it!

the bizza left me a comment on one of my previous posts, about how there's a 360, a PS3 AND a Wii (suck it, bitches!!) in my house and he wondered how i'd ever get anything done? i don't play them. i watch other people play them sometimes, but that's about it. more important to me is that the PS3 and 360 will play the hi-def dvd's. i think i might give the Wii a try though. i read something yesterday about how old folks' rec centers have em, and how they duke it out over who gets to bowl next.. i figure if the peeps at a "retirement community" can play it, i should be able to.

i've probably overshared today, but wtf.

one tip for ya: if you have the trots and no immodium, try poppin a tums or 2. it'll firm things right up.

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The Bizza said...

Yeah... I had that "trot" thing for about 10 days. I posted about it nearly daily. Not good times, as i'm sure you know.

I also did the cold and flu thing.

I feel your pain.