06 January 2007

i heart shopping

well, not always. but sometimes i really REALLY do.

wen'l and i had a spree today. we started out at surfas, a restaurant supply megastore over in culver city. we bought a bunch of breadmaking stuff for wen'l, and sushi rice and assorted consumables for me. plus, some handled individual gratin dishes for both of us. i think i'll make some chicken pot pies next week and break em in.

then we headed to REI over in manhattan beach. i definitely like the store in huntington beach better. wen'l needed a new bike computer. he got overcharged and got kinda bent. he fixed it all up though, and we were on our way... to a store that's mecca to me almost. that's right kids, sur la table. brand new store even. *swoon* we got some bad-ass old-fashioned glasses made by riedel, some blood orange bitters(!), a huge ice cream scoop to portion out cookie dough. and... some candy i'm almost ashamed i bought. 7 dark choklit covered gray salt caramels. that i paid $10.95 for. assorted utensils. a sushi cookbook, to go with the sushi rice i got back at surfas.

next came penzey's. i fuckin love penzey's. wen'l turned me on to em a loooooong time ago, and about 2 years ago, they finally opened a store in california. it's clear the fuck in torrance, though. so today was only the 2nd time i've been to the store. got some high-falutin salt, cocoa powder, red pepper, bay leaves, etc. right next door is a BevMo. so of course we had to hit it too. i'm glad we did. they had my absolute favorite tequila, gran centenario aƱejo, on sale for $42. it's normally $62. heh.

our last stop was whole foods market. what a fucking disappointment it was. there's not many of em down in my neck of the woods, so i'd never been in one. i think i'll stick with bristol farms. whole foods had new zealand green mussels. i was stoked till i noticed that most of them were open. *hurl* we didn't end up buying anything there.

now i have no idea what i'm going to do about dinner tomorrow. i'll have to watch the cookin shows tomorrow and get inspired.

part of me would kind of like to sit down with all my receipts and figure out how much we blew today. i'm not going to though, cuz i'd probably choke on my lovely hand-dipped choklit and caramel-dipped marshmallow.


Anonymous said...

You should give your husbands bank account a rest. Save your energy and his money on raising children. I'm certain you did not see any brooding mares in the malls and stores.

jOoLz said...

so i went to this troglodyte's blog and left him the following comment:

excuse me, rudy, but apparently you didn't read the post all that well, and you haven't read much of my blog.

#1. my husband was WITH ME. in fact, most of the money spent was spent on stuff for HIM.

#2. i decided a long LONG time ago to not have children, mostly because i didn't want any kid of mine to have to grow up in a world full of people like you.

#3. how about you focus on your own damn family? and try minding your own fucking business while you're at it!

i feel better now, although it still fries my ass that this particular fuckstick lives just down the road from me in garbage grove. for all i know he was the syko that ran my husband off the road for being a bike commuter. riding a bike is sposed to fuck with yer sperm production and all...

Eden said...


Who is that fucker and what does he care if you blow three month's mortgage at Sur La Table?

Nice photo he has too. Looks like a 1988 cocaine bust mug shot. Ass.