28 December 2006

from korea, with (fill in the blank)

so today was secret santa day, at long last. my package was from Jelly. it came all the way from korea (!!!). click on the title of this post to go check out her blog dammit.

the package, before i broke the seal.

wot lovely handwriting! mine looks like a serial killer's anymore. i never actually write, see? i type about 65wpm tho.

how'd she know i dig purple toothbrushes?

mmm... choklit.
um, soft smoked squid legs? wot shall i do with these?

the chili oil will definitely get used, tho.
thank you Jelly! hope you're having a great time in japan!


It's Me, Maven... said...

Whoah! Those chocolate pellets are fantabulous!! I guess the squid you can take out and put on top of some rice with soy and sesame, some scallions etc...? Dunno if it's a snack or like tuna in a can...

I do hope this secret santa thing is enjoyable for everyone involved!

Jelly said...

Hi Joolz! I'm glad you got your package! Yah - squid is a very popular snack here. It's often eaten with a spicy red sauce and mayonnaise! I know those look weird, but if you like stuff from the sea, you might like them! I wouldn't have thought I'd enjoy gnawing on a squid leg, but I do! Did you try the toothpaste? I think it tastes like cherry Halls!
Anyhow -- have a great New Year. I did have a fabulous time in Japan! (Now I'm sad to be back to work tomorrow!)