22 January 2007

o yeah.........!

like autumn leaves his sense fell from him
an empty glass of himself shattered somewhere within
his thoughts like a hundred moths
trapped in a lampshade
somewhere within
their wings banging and burning
on through endless night
forever awake he lies shaking and starving
praying for someone to turn off the light

"born of a broken man", ratm

omfg kids... the flying spaghetti monster has heard my prayers! brother de la rocha has come to his senses and has decided to join bros morello, commerford and tim2k and play at least one show! yes, you read right... rage against the machine is playin the coachella music and arts fest this april!

i am so fucking stoked... wen'l never got to see them, and when i told him there was a rumor afloat that they were going to play coachella, he said if i went w/o him he'd divorce my ass. umm... it's a long drive to indio, honey. i'd want company for the trip if nothing else! *snort*

all i can say is yay!!!!

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