07 January 2005

who'll stop the rain?

well... this weather we're having, that we've BEEN having, really sucks all ass. it's cold. it's rainy. we've seen the sun 2 days since xmas.

we've had considerably more rainfall in the last couple months than we get in a typical year. landslides are becoming an almost daily occurrence, and somewhere in southern california, the flash flood warnings have turned into an actual flash flood.

in the mountainous regions in the state, they've reported snow accumulations in excess of 14 FEET since xmas.

i know, i know... the weather is worse wherever you are. but... consider this: the rain and ice and snow you are all enjoying right now kicked our ass first.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I luv your blog shizzie! Great stuff...and as for the rain, sleet and snow...and those who poo poo on our friends..I say F'em, k, hugzz from the Jersey coast and peace out!