04 January 2005

ok... enuf with the food

for now anyway.

ok... i don't know how many of you out there have online friends. i have a few. buffalo, ny... toronto, canada... i've had friends as far away as australia. anyhow, several of my pals are at loggerheads right now, and i can't for the life of me figure out why this sort of shit happens.

i refuse to deal with people over the internet that want to give me or cause me grief. it's bad enough when you get crapped on by people you can smack around if necessary, but when the person is a couple thousand miles away and insisting on playing games, well... stick a fork in em.

this isn't to say i am not as supportive as possible when something goes bad in one of my online friends lives. indeed, i am... as i can be, doing whatever i can to bridge the distance. a friend of mine recently lost her mother, and i wish i could have been there to give her a hug, or take her out for a drink, something tangible... so i sent her a care package of altoids fruit sours and made her a cd i hoped would make her laugh.

she touched something i touched, which is the best i could do.

anyhow, the people i spend time with via the internet are people who make me feel good. sometimes they annoy me, and sometimes i ache for them when things aren't going so well. i will do what i can to meet a few of them someday. but i will not get caught up in drama i did nothing to create and i won't give someone else's drama legs to stand on.

k... i will climb down off my soapbox now.

be nice to each other people!

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