12 August 2008

yet another meme

ganked this ages ago from tense teacher. if you're looking at it, consider yourself tagged.

les rules:
1. put your mp3 player or computer music player on random.
2. post the first four lines from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song (skip repeat artists & instrumentals *duh*).
3. post, and let your friends guess which song and artist the lines come from.
4. NO googling!

1. i may not always love you
but long as there are stars above you
you never need to doubt it
i'll make you so sure about it

2. bass - how low can you go?
death row, what a brother know?
once again back is the incredible rhyme animal
the incredible d, public enemy number one

3. i am the stone that the builder refused
i am the visual, the inspiration that made ladies sing the blues
i'm the spark that makes your idea bright
the same spark that lights the dark so you can know your left from your right

4. ah, is there room for both of us?
both of us apart?
are we bound out of obligation?
is that all we've got?

5. all eyes look up to me
high above the filthy streets
heed no bullhorn when it calls
watch me fly and die, watch me fall

6. just plug me in just like i was eddie harris
you're eating crazy cheese like you'd think i'm from paris
you know i get fly you think i get high
you know that i'm gone and i'm a tell you all why

7. no time left now for shame
horizon behind me, no more pain
windswept stars blink and smile
another song, another mile

8. it's getting to the point
where i'm no fun anymore
i am sorry
sometimes it hurts so badly

9. the first time i saw lightning strike
i saw it underground
six deep feet below the street
the sky came crashing down

10. yeah said its alright
i wont forget
all the times
i waited patiently for you

11. he wakes up in the morning
does his teeth bite to eat and hes rolling
never changes a thing
the week ends the week begins

12. do you remember the 21st night of september?
love was changing the minds of pretenders
while chasing the clouds away
our hearts were ringing

13. once my lover, now my friend.
what a cruel thing to pretend.
what a cunning way to condescend.
once my lover, now my friend.

14. she calls me from the cold
just when i was low, feeling short of stable
and all that she intends
and all she keeps inside, isn't on the label

15. i'm well on my way
i'm almost everything
and this is my day
you make me want to say

16. when there's nowhere else to run
is there room for one more son
one more son
if you can hold on

17. got me a movie, i want you to know
slicing up eyeballs, i want you to know
girly so groovy, i want you to know
don't know about you, but i am un chien andalusia

18. rien de dormier cette nuit
je veux de toi
jusque'à ce que je sois sec
mais nos corps sont tout mouillés

19. i don't want to hurt you
for no reason have i but fear
and i ain't guilty of the crimes you accuse me of
but i'm guilty of fear

20. why do we do this c.g. and i?
every night vegetables,
minds numbed up by thc.
i've got my pen, c.g. the remote.


konagod said...

This is a fairly easy meme to do; hard as hell to get any correct answers, especially when people have eclectic tastes.

I probably wouldn't be able to name the ones that come off my own player!

The Bizza said...

2. Public Enemy, that "bass" song... a classic

3. The theme from Boondocks animated series - that's all i know

12. earth wind and fire - another classic

The rest, I have no Idea.

Cool meme... I might play too.

konagod said...

I did detect some rap. But unless you got any Beastie Boys or NWA I wouldn't recognize it, and even then I probably wouldn't unless it was Straight Outta Compton and there ain’t no tellin’ when I’m down for a jack move.

konagod said...

CHRIST, #13 is Fiona! Can't believe I didn't catch that last night.

She's on my player including the bootleg first version of Extraordinary Machine that never got released.

konagod said...

"Shadowboxer" from Tidal