29 August 2008

and now back to our regular programming

well hello there. first post in ages that wasn't a meme, eh?

been sorta busy, and not really in the mood to do any blogging, the usual excuse.

anyhoo, what about my girl? rachel's getting her own show as soon as the freakshow that will be the rethuglican national convention is over! i'm so stoked :)

now, about the democratic national convention: i'm kinda glad they waited till wednesday to serve up the red meat, and i'm glad it was bubba who dished up the first serving. that speech made me remember why i liked him as much as i did. biden did have a lot to live up to after that, but he did just fine. hillary's speech sorta surprised me. michelle's didn't. obama's speech was one for the ages, but the speech that got me moist was al gore's, even though my heart breaks every time i see him.

i hate aching for what could have been.

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