10 July 2008

well.. i'm sposed to be writing something more pleasant than i did yesterday.

i did have a rather pleasant surprise when i was out doing some errands about an hour ago. the cheap arco up on the corner has gone down another $.02/gal on gas. i put $40 in the tank on tuesday and paid $4.33/gal and now it's $4.31. too bad i didn't wait a couple days to gas up, no? the tank wasn't empty or anything, but i figured it would start going back up again, so i gassed the beast. and now it's gone down again.

are they trying to placate us, now that we all know that mcsame and all his ilk have no idea how much a gallon of gas costs? one wonders if they know the price of everything has gone up, not just gas, but anything that requires schlepping around in a vehicle of any kind (see yesterday's post about the poor ppl's french store).

it was even muggier here today, and more than one weather-related website is saying we might get t-storms the next couple days. wtF?! i'm already sweatin gallons, yo! too bad i can't figure out how to run my car on it!

did some work on the house today. both the funky bathrooms. i repurposed some knickknacks i had, and started working on the soon-to-be-rehabbed living room. i need to get to home depot and pick up some paint chips.

lastly, i need your help! one of my best pals and her family has moved into a new place (in IRVINE!! *hurling for her*), and i'm at a loss as to what to get her for a housewarming present. wen'l and i went all out when they got their very first place (like the gifts came in that blue box that sets girls' hearts all atwitter), so i'm wanting to be a little less grand this time. if any of you have a suggestion, please feel free to leave them in the comments.


That Rude Girl said...

Does she like wine? If she's a wine drinker, I'm sure a bottle of fine wine would always be welcome! I like giving baskets with a bottle of wine, gourmet crackers, and cheese as housewarming gifts.

Of course, that's a huge step down from getting a housewarming gift from Tiffany! ;)

jOoLz said...

ty for the suggestion ms. rude! i think i will get them a bottle (or 2!) of wine.

i'm off to browse bevmo.com for some ideas!

Maven said...

I'd suggest making some fresh cheese (check out George Duran's mom's recipe--didn't you give that to me?), and giving them a great cheese plate/board/knife set (assuming of course they're into cheese!).