09 July 2008

no babies smiled at me today!

god did tarjjjjjjjjjjjjay ever suck today. i had to get some tp, swiffer crap, and assorted other nonperishables. the parking lot was a zoo. i should have just gone on to the grocery store and gotten the tp (the only thing i was actually out of), but oh no! dipshit me had to find a spot and go inside. i don't know about your local poor people's french store, but mine is trying to conserve electricity by not keeping the thermostat turned down so low. add to that the humidity. for real, it's like a portly man's crotch around here lately. and, throw in a store packed with other sweaty motherfuckers. the back of my head was dripping when i finally got out.

somehow i managed to spend almost $75. i bought some swiffer wet doojies, the pads for the swiffer mop, 8 rolls of tp, granite countertop spray, stainless steel spray and dish soap. oh, and a copy of dwell. i love me some shelter mags. that's another story though.

we're so fucked. i've noticed that everything has gone up in price. just a bit, mind you, but a bit nonetheless. the same cart of shit cost me about $5 less a couple months ago, and i shop a lot. every fucking cart is costing me at least $5 more. add to that the truly obscene amount a tank of gas is costing me these days, and i bet i'm spending a good $300 a month more than i'd like to. mind you, i don't have any debt, but i'd like to be putting at least half the money i'm spending but not wanting to to better fucking use! savings, roth iras, whatever.

and... on a slightly unrelated subject... i'm still pissed at sen. obama. why does he have to be such a spineless wimp about this fisa shit? and why isn't it also frying his ass that it's poking far too many holes in the 4th amendment? i'd set up an automatic donation thingy that i had to undo because of that shit. i'm going to protest his dipshittery with my pocketbook. perhaps i'll throw some more $ at him when i calm down. even considering my current need to slap some sense into him, i realize he needs to get elected in november. no way can that old man with the cancer on the side of his face (cuz come on.. what IS that lump on the left side of his face?) get handed that job. i have a cousin who's already been to iraq that'll be back in country within the next couple weeks. his tour's sposed to be like 15 months. and now the iraqis themselves are saying there needs to be a timetable. the shit needs to be over with, and not yesterday. like 1897 yesterdays ago.

k, that's my rant for the week. i'll bb tomorrow with something more pleasant, k?


That Rude Girl said...

Hey, thanks for the link, Joolz! I LOVE your blog!

I just couldn't agree more with you. You are dead on about the prices increases, and Obama's recent "dipshittery" (absolutely love that term, by the way).

Maven said...

Indeed, what IS that lump on the side of his face? Judging by the location, I wouldn't be surprised if it's a malignant salivary gland (not that I'm wishing him ill physical health mind you, which I'm not--I just don't want him to be president).

Like you, I went out today. Rather than my local "Poorman's French Store," I went to Christmas Tree Shoppes, and LORD-ALMIGHTY... the crowds. Looked like they were bussing in the geezers and welfare mothers from outside the county. But I needed some glass jars STAT for some pickle making I'm doing tonight (going to tinker with some cucumber kimchee... oh lordy!). Otherwise I would have done what I am about to suggest to you to beat the crowds, beat the gas, beat the parking, beat the possibility of getting hit in the parking lot (priceless):


You can buy your TP in bulk, your Swiffer shit, etc there, including groceries. Check it out.

jOoLz said...

ty for the tip about amazon!

The Bizza said...

Your rants are always awesome... almost worth watching the world turn into shit before my very eyes. Almost.

But I do very much dig your rants.

The Bizza said...

Your rants are always awesome... almost worth watching the world turn into shit before my very eyes. Almost.

But I do very much dig your rants.