16 April 2008

been awhile...

my birthday was sunday. i turned 39. too old for a lot of things. too young for a few more.

i've been watching countdown with k.o. every night. mostly it's because i have a massive girl crush on rachel maddow. but also, i am so pissed off at the state of affairs politically that i want to barf.

mostly i'm pissed because my dipshit disillusionment with the clintons. they used to bitch and moan about the shit the right wing pulled, and i did so alongside them. now that they're resorting to the same bullshit tactics, i find myself bereft. how can they actually be doing this? how dare they?

i find myself understanding how it is people stop participating in the process.

i am also perturbed at how the punditry in this country won't let the whole "bittergate" thing go. last time i checked, (mostly) overpaid twits from inside the beltway weren't exactly known for their empathy with joe q. public. i don't live in the rust belt, but the economy around here pretty much sucks too, and i can't think of a better word than bitter to describe how i feel after almost 8 years of this.

what were the causes du jour last time around? gay marriage was one of them. all these states had bullshit legislation on their ballots decreeing marriage to be between a man and a woman, etc? now i read that some people who got married in massachusetts or canada and then moved to say, iowa, are now seeking to divorce... and guess what? not only will some states prevent you from getting married (a heartbreaking thing, no matter one's orientation), they'll keep you from breaking up too!


sorry to end this in a weird place, but i gotta bounce. i need to gas up the beast and go pick up my husband. he takes the train. we're doing something to help, anyway.

more later. i promise.


The Bizza said...

Happy Belated Birthday.

I'm a bit ticked about the Clintons' strongarm tactics too. Hilary's a bit of a douche, and Bill is like the high school star QB hanging out in the parking lot two years after he graduated.

Dude, we get it. You use to run this shit. Now go home.

laine said...

happy freaking birthday!

and yeah, i'm too bitter to say anything else.