12 February 2008

ratchet & clank

this game is evil.

i haven't played videogames since the early 80's. i rocked back then, and i kinda suck now, but i am soooooooooooo hooked on ratchet & clank future: tools of destruction. say what you will about the wii and the xbox 360, but the ps3 is just sick.

the graphics, the sound, all the weapons and devices... the vocal stylings of voice deity jim ward... of course, it doesn't hurt that i'm playing the game on 60" of tasty hi-def goodness.

if you have the ps3, i highly recommend you check this shit out, yo.


Douglas Hoffman said...

It certainly looks great, Joolz. But we're a PC family, unfortunately . . . and I don't even have the time to finish the occasional new games we buy.

The Bizza said...

Yet another reason for me to talk Bookie into letting me buy a PS3.

jOoLz said...

also, it plays blu-ray discs, which in case you hadn't heard, kicked hd dvd's ass up and down the block.

The Bizza said...

BTW: I removed your link after trying unsuccessfully to access your blog for 3 days. I assumed that you had deleted your blog (seems to be happening quite a bit with bloggers I know lately)

I re-added you.