01 February 2008

inspired by konagod

so we're sitting here, the three of us, 2 smokin a phattie, listening to gnarls barkley, and chubness has a reptile wrapped around his left hand. "fix the run!"

i was going to take a pic of my bro's baby python, but the phone (no flash... wouldn't wanna spook her) is in the kitchen. so, this will have to do. for now. i'm gonna get a pic of her the next time she's out of her tank.

she's headed up his sleeve at the moment. lol


laine said...

oh babe...

jOoLz said...

wot about limewire?

i haven't used it in like a year... perhaps i should get rid of it.

The Bizza said...

Uhm... what?

Oh, and I prefer Melot and Chianti. I'm not much of a wine buff, but I know that I like those two.