27 April 2008


well i was just reading a blog that had a post on it called *coach whore*. you, my 3 faithful readers, know that i am a coach slut from waaaaaaaaay back.

i meant to post this right after my birthday. i got a bag from wen'l, and bought myself the matching wallet with the happy birthday coupon i got from coach ($50 off any $150 or larger purchase!). my bag was also purchased with a coupon. coach just loves me apparently.

anyhoo... here's the pics i ganked off coach.com. one of these days i'm going to gather all my various handbags and wallets and take their picture.

the bag:

the wallet:

and... i might have mentioned this before, but wen'l picked that bag out all by himself! he rawks almost as hard as i do, eh?

1 comment:

The Bizza said...

wen'l definately rawks because I don't know the 1st thing about handbag! The only way I buy bags for Bookie is if she mentions liking one in passing.

sounds like you got a keeper (i'm referring to wen'l, not the bag, since i know nothing about bags)