09 May 2007

a cooling trend...

(AP photo)

let's hope it continues. it's been hellishly hot here the last few days. yesterday broke the century mark here in da OC.

makes me sick to see griffith park burning. AGAIN. apparently, this fire was started by some jackass that tossed a still smoldering cigarette butt out the window of his/her automobile. i smoke. i don't ever ditch my butts out the window. this sort of shit is what happens when one does that in so cal. i imagine this isn't the last time a fire will be started this year by this method. the hillsides are fucking crispy already from our lack of rain, and this kind of fire is fucking avoidable goddammit!

anyhoo, after weeks of no interest, i've got someone coming to look at the house tomorrow. time to get off my sorry ass and get back to the apartment hunt. i don't know quite what the deal is with the places i've been looking, but i think one needs a fico score in excess of 800 to get into any of them. even the place we looked at over in *rose park*. there was a dude behind what would have been our stairs smoking crack. !!

um, if my fico score was in excess of 800 and i could afford the fuckin rents these clowns think they can charge, i'd fuckin buy a place! as it is, i can only afford the rent.

how is it that someone in debt up to their eyeballs (who makes only the minimum payments on any of it) has no problem renting a place but someone who has NO credit card debt gets hosed?

fucked up society we live in, eh?


laine said...

really not looking forward to the fire season down here either. have an idea it's going to be a bad one. and it seems like the fire season gets longer every year.

sighin with ya on the credit system... i own my house and pay my bills and still don't have a great fico score, basically cuz i don't have enough debt. bleh.

It's Me... Maven said...

Fantastic picture!!

Hope all is well!