18 November 2006

our new puppy


ain't she a cutie? we got her from the OC pound. haven't thunk up a name for her yet though. naming a puppy is harder than i thought!

any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Very cute...dogs are so awesome! We adopted our Lab/Pit mix when she was a year old and her name was Jenna. That was too close to my name so we changed it to Emma. Not a huge change for her and we love the name. Nice to be able to use it for a dog since we won't be having kids :)

For some reason the name that jumps out at me when I see your pup is Sam. But I say just pick a name that you love and it'll fit her.

~ Jennifer ~

Eden said...

She's beautiful!

As to names, I have no idea. Maybe her personality will give you one.