20 November 2006

mi nombre es...

sienna. it's what color i am and i answered enthusiastically to it the first time my peeps called me that.

i'm taking a nap right now, right at jOoLz's feet. i'm a rambunctious little shit and i need to recharge my batteries quite often. i'm getting better at doing my bidness outside, and my peeps are giving me lots of praise when i do.

wen'l is also trying to teach me to sit, like i don't already know. what i don't know is how to do it when he wants me to, but i'm trying my best to learn.

i like mornings best so far. it's when they fill up the cool life is good bowl they put my food in. plus, after i'm done, someone always takes me for a walk. i'm really liking discovering my neighborhood. when we're done i always have a nice long nap. i think i heard jOoLz laughing at me during my sleep. i've been dreaming about chasing that icky feral cat out of MY backyard a lot lately.

anyhoo, it's time for me to wake up and start bouncing off the walls again. poor jOoLz... she's probably going to lose 5 lbs this week chasing after me.

*big slobbery kisses*

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Anonymous said...

Sienna, your name is very pretty and suits you...proves you have good taste by agreeing to it ;) I wish you happiness and lots of fun!

~ Jennifer ~