16 October 2008

today's the day

i'm having that ultrasound the doc threatened me with a few weeks ago this afternoon. i really need it to be something that doesn't require immediate (and expensive) intervention. we're barely squeaking by right now as it is. i don't need to be dumping untold thou$ands worth of medical bills on top of my current liabilities.

those of you out there with health insurance should consider yourselves lucky today, and don't ever take your benefits for granted.

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konagod said...

On November 1st I get coverage again and I am counting the days. When I left my last job on 7/18 I signed up for COBRA for me and txrad, but by the time the bill came it was for nearly $2,000. I let it sit there for a couple of weeks or three while I was trying to decide if I should write a check. And then the next bill came and it was for over $3,000 since I hadn't paid the first one yet. I said "fuck it."

By that point I couldn't imagine forking over $3,000, two-thirds of which was for unused back-dated coverage.

So I'm gambling and waiting on 11/1 and I hope this is the last time I'm without insurance. The stress is too much.