09 October 2008

did i mention that...

the suites those motherfuckers spent those nights in went for $1295.00 per? per night? per person? that's like a month worth of unemployment for one night at that pile. and believe me, nothing comes cheap at the st. reeeg. not even if one is sleeping, eating, and parking as a group, as those fucknuts certainly were.

another thing - am i the only person in the world that wants to wring that skinny, over-surgeried, can't keep her fucking yap shut mrs. mcsame's neck? she's so underfed i could probably do it with one hand. gawd, she needs to shut it. too bad her plastic surgeon can't do us all a favor and botox her fucking vocal chords, you know?

also, i'm beginnning to wonder where my 3 readers disappeared to.


konagod said...

Joseph A. Bank!

Thanks for adding me. Smooch!

In an intoxicated state, I said a couple of nights ago that I wanted to slap those $700 glasses off Palin's fucking face.

But that's just me.

And Cindy? Please.

Let it ride, please. Let it ride.

They are going down.

And if I'm wrong, then fuck us all.

The Bizza said...

Oh, I'm still reading.

Sadly, reading about execs vacationing on my money because they were too incompetent with their own money makes me want to drive into oncoming traffic.

That's hardly the state of mind for commenting on this particular subject.

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