15 August 2007

south coast plaza can still suck my dick

"the ink of a scholar is worth a thousand times more than the blood of a martyr"

-"american terrorist", lupe fiasco

told you i was crushin on this kid. i'm just sitting here waiting for wen'l to get home. we had lunch today, at our usual payday place. i hit the mall afterward and did some shopping. one of our best friends is expecting her first baby. we were all on pins and needles for a couple weeks in re this baby, and that's all i'm sayin. when we heard that all was indeed well, it was a huge relief. so i hit the baby gap and picked up the wee princess some kewl baby togs.

you all know, or should by now, that i'm not going to bear any progeny. i am a little concerned having a (sure to be) adorable little one in such close proximity is going to make me baby hungry. wen'l and i are supposed to visit this subject when i turn 40. i do know if it turns out i'm jonesing that we're going to adopt.

if a 34 yr old gets to go thru the drama this friend has been thru lately, i'm sure my 38+ yr old ova are probably far too broken to be messing with.

who knows tho... maybe being auntie joolz will be sufficient.

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