15 August 2007


well, i'm learning how to have a green thumb. i've got just about everything ripped out of the flower beds in the front yard. i'm going to plant some herbs in one section. basil, thyme, oregano, some chives where there's a little shade. i'm going to incorporate rosemary plants into the rest of the landscaping. they grow great here year round, and the smell is great. they're drought-tolerant, which is a must for me. also going to plant a bunch of lavender. same reasons. and today at the behemoth megacorp home center, wen'l spotted some salvia. it's sage people. comes with all kinds of pretty colored flowers, and the leaves go in your thanksgiving stuffing.

i need to come up with something that's got white blooms on it and i'll be all set.

the dirt's in good shape. full of worms. worm poop is great fertilizer.

when the desire to have a green thumb happen? i think it's i'm trying to reconnect with my mom. i've been very angry at her, and it finally hit me that it's not getting me anywhere. she always had the nicest yard on the block, back in the day. even after she got sick the first time. i think it's what put her back together. getting all sweaty in the yard with dirt all over me, it hit me. it's very meditative. i've tried knitting, and for me, this is better.

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