02 March 2007

feeding my addiction

aww... isn't it cute? the coach store is like the nutella of personal accessories to me. i got a catalog from them in the mail the other day and started dreaming up excuses to go to (or past) the south coast plaza. i wanted to snap this bag up while i could.
so when wen'l asked me if i'd like to take him out to dinner between his early shift and his late shift today, i jumped at the chance. i wasn't going to see much of him today if i didn't, and it got me in the vicinity of the mall.
we just walked across the parking lot to el torito. discovered a lovely new margarita though... pomegranate! after i bid wen'l farewell, i hit trader joe's and scored some provisions... pomegranate juice among them.
i will be so glad when daylight savings is in effect. i'll have my husband home during the evenings at long last. you DID know it starts the 2nd weekend in march now, right? apparently, the change would have fucked up any company using a myriad of cisco systems products. thus, my husband and his coworkers will spend the next couple of weeks patching various companies' voip and routing and switching crap.
cisco can toss my salad. how come they couldn't have made these patches easy enough to install that anyone whose knuckles don't drag the ground could have dealt with them? he's not been home most weekday evenings for the better part of a month already. my sex life sucks. his isn't much better *snort*.
i'm pretty sure i speak for both of us when i say self-love in the shower has long since gotten old.
the purse has certainly cheered me up tho :).


laine said...

the purse huh...
why joolz,
i didn't know you were that kind of girl.

Eden said...

Cute bag. The Nutella line was classic ;)

It's Me, Maven... said...

Have you ever warmed up Nutella and piped it onto desserts? Into a cup of coffee? On french toast? I do believe it is manna from heaven.