21 May 2006

k.. once a week turned into 11 days

but here i am anyway. i have a bit of a buzz going, and i'm listening to green day. "minority" to be exact.

i want to be the minority
i don't need your authority
down with the moral majority
'cause i want to be the minority

well, i think i'm actually the majority these days, whether i want to be or not. our dear leader's poll numbers are hovering in the low-30's, no? that's the kool-aid drinkers. i so want to ask one of them what particular flavor it is. they scare me to death. how exactly is it that this small percentage of the actual population is so able to advance its agenda? they get the republicans in congress talking about all sorts of bullshit, near and dear only to them? gay marriage/adoption/who knows what else next. abortion. immigration.

the image of us abroad is that we're nosy, racist, insufferable pricks who like to wage unnecessary and unethical wars. i know i am none of those things. i couldn't think of denying someone the ability to have what i have, and i think being married is the most wonderful thing in the world. my marriage is not threatened by anything outside of it, and certainly not by a same-sex couple being married. as far as immigration goes, we are fucking here because of immigrants. i suppose since we don't need italian masons to build our churches and the sons of irishmen to patrol our streets anymore that we won't take whoever comes here, in droves.

i love my country and i am shamed by it. i am shamed by the fact that the busybodies who feel they have to repress every *wicked* sexual urge they have; who have to keep my favorite intoxicant illegal because they have no idea how to use anything without binging on it; who are afraid to live and afraid to die are the ones who get to set this country's course.

and how they think they're any damn different than the theocracies in the middle east is completely beyond me.

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