10 May 2006

i so suck

been a nasty couple months, kids. mom's home from the hospital but taking care of her and sundry are eating up a significant chunk of my time. what little time i've had to actually have a life, i've tried to have one. my husband has been an absolute rock during this whole mess.

she's getting better, but slowly. i think her improvement was more impressive when she was still at the rehab hospital. she was doing pt and had knowledgable staff round the clock. i feel like we're all winging it in a way out here in the real world. i was sort of put in charge of providing her food (no surprise, eh?). it's been basic but healthy fare, good protein and plenty of vitamins, etc. also, i've had to keep a pretty sharp eye on her sodium intake, because of the chf. i've kinda figured out how to give her a bit of a splurge once in awhile even.

i've been doing an italian feast every sunday night, for the sopranos. the stuffed shells with arrabbiata have been my favorite thus far, and i'll post the recipe for that soon.

i'm gonna feel like a total old lady for saying this, but.. i have sciatica. it's made taking care of ma and doing all this standing up cooking a real fuckin treat, lemme tell ya. i really do need to get serious about doing my p.t. i've got a very understanding doc, and she's made sure i'll have a steady stream of meds. i also need to get real about getting rid of some girth. cooking all healthy for mom has at the very least knocked off close to 10, but there's a whole lot more i could be doing.

ppl are telling me i need to work out just so i'll have the pep to do what i need to. perhaps i should. i have an mp3 player and i could squeak outta momsitting for an hour i'm sure.

and, i am going to make it a habit to post at least once a week. this 2 months away shit sucks balls.

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KnifeSkills said...

Glad to hear your mom is slowly getting better. You're a great daughter for taking care of her so well.

Make sure to take some time for yourself, too. I love taking long walks around my neighbourhood with my MP3 player.