03 May 2005

road trippin roolz

hey hey! wen'l and i just did our first road trip together and i'm happy to report that neither of us asked for a divorce. *lol*

anyhoo, we went to lovely oroville, california for the wedding of my cousin beverly and her s.o. of several years, a stand-up guy named jimmy. it was quite the lovely affair, and i had a blast introducing my husband to the other side of the family.

we both picked up a bug of some sorts on the trip, and i've got a pot of chicken soup on the stove.

i'll post the recipe and more about the nuptials later. :)

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bryan said...

Hey. Hope things are good with you. I haven't been on in so long. School has been crazy. It's over next week. I'm just completely inundated. Didn't want you to think I forgot about you!