11 September 2009

short 4 teeth

i do not miss my 3rd molars. i had them yanked a week ago. i still have vicodin left. the oral surgeon gave me 16. i hit them pretty hard for a couple days, and i haven't had one since wednesday at this point.

i also found out i really kinda like being knocked out on purpose. i got 2 drugs, i.v. versed and fentanyl. i don't remember going under. i came to about 10 minutes before it was over, and i didn't give a shit. of course, i couldn't feel a thing anyway. they shot me up like a motherfuck with novacaine too. that wearing off was the shittiest thing about the whole experience.

i think i'm healing up really well. i got some stitches, that i think have dissolved by now. i can't feel them anymore, anyway. i wonder how much easier this would have gone when they started to come in. i was 28 when i got my wisdom teeth. i *barely* had the room for them. the upper 2 were in sad fuckin shape, and they had to go. the bottom 2 never fully erupted, and they'd been a bitch in their own way the whole time.

i had insurance then. i haven't had insurance for just over 2 years now. the insurance i did have denied the claim i submitted to have this done 3½ years ago. o, they were pathological alright. i saw them. i praise the flying spaghetti monster that my other 28 teeth are in fine shape.

anyhoo, something has occurred to me: wen'l and i are doing some very serious investigating into moving to australia. like, immigration policy has been well-researched. the employment situation has been looked into. their pm has made some moves which are encouraging, like adding a certain number of green jobs. wen'ls skill set is rather unique. there aren't enough people already there to handle the increased work load.

sorry for rambling, but i'm waaaaaaaaay hi. i've become a much cheaper date in the ganj dept. the thing that's occurred to me is this: i have to write a book and get it published before we get out of here. i need to do this so i can have a wee book tour and meet a few peeps i've come across on my virtual travels. it'd be sweet getting to do it on someone else's dime, too.

k i gotta bounce.

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Maven said...

Still here, still reading ya babe!

Hope your post-extraction recovery is quick!