05 March 2009

not feeling it

really, i'm not.

i've got about 5 weeks of being 39 left. i've decided i'm going to bite off more than i can chew during those 5 weeks, and i'm going to get off the coke. my friends, i have an atrocious coca-cola habit. seriously. i'd lose 3 lbs a week just not consuming all that HFCS.

i am going to find a store that's got kosher for passover coke, though and stock up.

i've also got some shit i'd like to get done around the house. first, i'd like to repaint the kitchen cabinets. i've got enough white paint to more than do the job. it's just that i don't want to paint them white. i'd actually like to paint the uppers a different color than the lowers. i just don't want to invest that kinda dough. not my house, and i've spent enough on it lately. i know they'll look a whole lot better shiny-ish white than they do right now.

it's like when the granite countertops had just been done, and the walls were this nasty yellow (that i would have never ever picked) and it was affecting my ability to cook. i shit you not, the clash made me ill. the granite's sorta taupe, white and black mostly. there's some gray too, obviously. i wanna paint the cabinets a really dark gray. sorta charcoal. i wonder what a tube of lamp black pigment goes for.

anyhoo, i'm having a party. i'm making the invites even. i'll post a pic of one, and if you see it, consider yourself invited.


Anonymous said...

I had a major coca-cola habit too. Like 6-9 per day for 20 years. Went cold turkey 4 years ago and haven't looked back. Lost 20 lbs immediately.

Now, of course, my diet coke habit is way worse than my coke ever was, but at least its not 140 calories per can!

Toby said...

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