24 January 2008

what i'm listening to right now... snaps to maven

and now i walk around without a care
she's got me hooked
it just ain't fair, but i...
i'm love stoned and i could swear
that she knows

- j.t.

guess i'll be stayin put then...

American Cities That Best Fit You:
70% Los Angeles
65% Honolulu
60% San Diego
55% Chicago
55% Miami

12 January 2008

drinkin with the senior citizens

so, i had my mom's sister camilla, her hub (of 49[!!] years tuesday) davis, my aunt dolores (the aforementioned aunt gripe) and her b/f of several years and trips abroad john over for dinner tonite. camilla and davis are leaving on a cruise tomorrow, see... and wen'l and i thought we'd have em all over for dinner.

boeuf bourguignon. that's wot we had. HUGE hit (i'll provide the recipe upon request!). we also drank 5 bottles of wine. aunt camilla got ripsnortin drunk. i had to cut her off after she used the words "bitch" and "shit" in the same sentence.
anyhoo, it was a great time. i hadn't larfed that hard in ages. i'm sure the wine had something to do with it, but the company was great, and a swell time was had by all.

also, i took some pics of my kitchen. i'm going to do some improvements and i wanted to document the "before" so my three readers could compare and contrast. so, without further ado...

06 January 2008


aka, suck it barry! getting tagged blows!

w/ no further ado - seven things that might be true (but are more likely all the proof one needs that i should cut down on the dopesmoking... and btw, that rhymed!):

uno - the first time my IQ got tested (when i was 5), it was 160. i got tested every couple of years till i was in the 9th grade(moving around a lot SUCKS), and each time it was lower. what's weird is i had just sustained a fairly significant head injury AND i didn't even try teh pot till i was 17. i'm stickin with the first result.

dos - although you wouldn't know it now, i was a pretty shitty cook till about 5 years ago, and certainly an unimaginative one.

tres - tenía seis años de español entre la escuela secundaria y la universidad. sé ahora hablar apenas español. puedo leer y puedo escribir. ¿pero hablando ahora? ¡aspiro!

cuatro - wen'l and i started out as fuck buddies, and both of us swore that we'd never EVER get married.

cinco - i actually lived in texas for awhile, and picked up one hell of an accent while i was there. in fact, people still ask me if i am from there.

seis - it's not in my nature to cut a brotha some slack.

siete - every single person who ever ate one of my cookies has asked me if i put a little something *special* in them.