12 January 2008

drinkin with the senior citizens

so, i had my mom's sister camilla, her hub (of 49[!!] years tuesday) davis, my aunt dolores (the aforementioned aunt gripe) and her b/f of several years and trips abroad john over for dinner tonite. camilla and davis are leaving on a cruise tomorrow, see... and wen'l and i thought we'd have em all over for dinner.

boeuf bourguignon. that's wot we had. HUGE hit (i'll provide the recipe upon request!). we also drank 5 bottles of wine. aunt camilla got ripsnortin drunk. i had to cut her off after she used the words "bitch" and "shit" in the same sentence.
anyhoo, it was a great time. i hadn't larfed that hard in ages. i'm sure the wine had something to do with it, but the company was great, and a swell time was had by all.

also, i took some pics of my kitchen. i'm going to do some improvements and i wanted to document the "before" so my three readers could compare and contrast. so, without further ado...


AngrySicilian said...

5 bottles of wine.. woo sounds like my christmas eve.

The Bizza said...

I've taken a liking to merlot chianti, and shiraz lately. Consider me as one of your guests once you get your kitchen all gussied-up!

Maven said...

Look at all that luscious natural light! I'm envious!

jOoLz said...

heh... the windows face south, and i'm sure we're getting more light than y'all who live in the northern latitudes are these days.

i'm taking the doors off the upper cabinets. a brave move, i know, and i'll be forced to be tidy.

just you guys wait! it's gonna be schweet!