27 November 2008

the holiday table

will be groaning under the weight of tonight's feast. which is:

roasted turkey breast (w/ oil and herbs and wot not under the crispy skin)
sourdough sausage stuffing (not in the bird tho, that's a hospital trip waiting to happen)
my figure-friendly mashed potatoes (ha! heavy cream and butter?)
wild mushroom gravy (made w/ chicken stock i made myself!)
butter-braised baby brussels sprouts
cranberry sauce (see my previous post... the black pepper is the making of it, trust)
butterflake rolls
pumpkin pie w/ maple whipped cream

yeah... i'll be eating nothing but salad for a few days probably.

i hope you and yours have a lovely meal, wonderful conversation, and a long list of things to be thankful for.


konagod said...

I was kinda pissed off this morning. I distinctly remember trying to pace my drinking so that I could enjoy my dinner as opposed to scarfing it down, and then relishing a piece of pumpkin pie.

So I got up and went to the kitchen to make coffee and there was the uncut pumpkin pie. Oh well, it was good at lunch today.

Jennifer said...

I cooked my very first full turkey this year. The dogs loved the dark meat. Last year I cooked my very first turkey breast.

We'd always had Thanksgiving at families' houses before, but Sparhawk and I decided to have Thanksgiving with just us and the dogs these last two years. It's been much less stressful. :)

I haven't gotten around to making my apple pie yet, but maybe tomorrow...

Maven said...

Hoping your Thanksgiving was beautiful, and hoping to get an update from your end soon.