04 September 2006

an update on the post below

well well well... that'll be the last time i try to write up a post in word and then copy & paste into blogger! the formatting sucks deep-fried ass on the post below!

least that's the only thing about that post that sucked. the cheesecake rocked our world, yo! i just have a couple tips i wanted to add for anyone contemplating making it. if you don't have a stand mixer, i suppose you could use a hand mixer, but only if it's got a decent amount of power. making this or any cheesecake properly involves a whole lot of mixing, and i'd hate to think of the fatigue and muscle strain a person could suffer tring to mix it by hand. also, scrape down the sides and bottom of your work bowl frequently. the batter, if you will, should be mixed till completely homogenous. lumpy cheesecake would suck the aforementioned deep-fried ass.

and... use the best chocolate you can find/afford. this cheesecake was not cheap to make (it had about $30 worth of crap in it), and i spose it would have been lovely with a decent brand of chocolate chips rather than the perugina chocolate bars i used... thankfully i wasn't in the position where i had to find out. if $30 is a bit spendy for an everyday dessert for you too, save it for a special occasion or for people who will appreciate the effort.

wen'l and i went to my cousin debbie's and her wonderful (gawd i never know wot to call her... girlfriend? wife? shit, they've been together for like 20 yrs and shit!) s.o. nancy's place for dinner last night and took this. they both said it was the best cheesecake they'd ever had. i was quite stoked, to say the least.
sooo... if you make, enjoy and share it with people who deserve it!

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