13 October 2005

ganked from http://piggyhawk.blogspot.com... look, i even left the caps!

and since not capitalizing my responses would look, umm... stoopid?

Favorite Beatles song: "Tomorrow Never Knows"
Favorite solo song by a former Beatle: "Imagine"
Favorite Rolling Stones song: "Gimme Shelter"
Favorite Bob Dylan song: "The Times They Are A Changin"
Favorite Pixies song: "Gigantic" or "Monkey Gone to Heaven"
Favorite Prince song: "When Doves Cry"
Favorite Michael Jackson song: umm... none?
Favorite Metallica song: "Blackened"
Favorite Public Enemy song: "Bring the Noise"
Favorite Depeche Mode song: "World in My Eyes"
Favorite Cure song: "Hot Hot Hot!!!"
Favorite song that most of your friends haven't heard: "Too Many Puppies" by Primus.
Favorite Beastie Boys song: "So Whatcha Want" or "Root Down"
Favorite Police song: "J'aurais Toujours Faim de Toi"
Favorite Sex Pistols song: "Pretty Vacant"
Favorite song from a movie: "Birth Ritual" by Soundgarden ("Singles") or "Wave of Mutilation (the surf one)" by Pixies ("Pump Up the Volume")
Favorite Blondie song: "Dreaming"
Favorite Genesis song: umm... I'm gonna take a pass on this one too.
Favorite Led Zeppelin song: "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You"
Favorite INXS song: "Don't Change"
Favorite Weird Al song: Ya know, I never have understood the appeal of the Weird One.
Favorite Pink Floyd song: "Hey You"
Favorite cover song: "Hallelujah", the Jeff Buckley version.
Favorite dance song: "Stinkfist" by Tool... it's a looooooooong story.
Favorite U2 song: "Drowning Man"
Favorite disco song: "Le Freak" by Chic.
Favorite The Who song: "Baba O'Riley"
Favorite Elton John song: "Daniel" or "Rocket Man"
Favorite Clash song: "I Fought the Law"
Favorite David Bowie song: "Suffragette City"
Favorite Nirvana song: "Come As You Are"
Favorite Snoop Dogg song: "Gin and Juice", but as done by Phish.
Favorite Ice Cube song: "Wrong Nigga to Fuck Wit"
Favorite Johnny Cash song: "Ring of Fire"
Favorite R.E.M. song: "Fall on Me" or "Perfect Circle"
Favorite Elvis song: "Suspicious Minds"
Favorite cheesy-ass country song: "Little Boxes" by Malvina Reynolds.

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Eden said...

caps -- highly overrated ;)

Just found you. I like your choices.